About Us

Best Quality Carpet Cleaning Service by Dr. Carpet Lake Forest.

Let us introduce Dr. Carpet Lake Forest the leading carpet cleaning service in Lake Forest. Being a team member of Dr. Carpet gives us the knowledge and the logistics to execute our projects on time and wth the highest quality. Our carpet cleaning service shares the reputation of the best carpet cleaning service in Orange County. Since establishment in 2007, we hold one of the best records in quality of work and customer service. Time and time again we are top rated carpet cleaning service in Orange County. This is because we hire the best available professionals at work, and we make them part of our family. We also use the best available equipment from the market and top of the line green carpet cleaning products. We appreciate our techs and give them all the tools we can in order to succeed in their job. They earn every bit of satisfaction from serving you. The positive reviews and feedback of our customers certify our performance.

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service

Dr. Carpet Lake Forest guarantees biodegradable carpet cleaning services. Your health, safety and satisfaction is our top priority. That is why, the solutions and products we use in our services contains no harmful materials that effect health of your family. In addition to this, we also keep in mind your children and pet safety as well. This is the reason we do not use bleach like agents. So there are no chemical residues left behind. We use the best products and methods to get the best and environmentally friendly results.