Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

dryer vent cleaning Why and when do you need a dryer vent cleaning service?

A dryer vent cleaning service is necessary because usually dryer vents suffer from lint clogging. Clogging is the collection of sticky mortar like residues along with dust and dirt on the openings and corners of the vents. It is a serious problem as it causes very harmful effects, mostly catching on fire. Not giving proper attention to your dryer vents will not only result in health risks but also life risks. This is because many fire and electrical short circuit incidents have been reported in the past.

So, in order to avoid such risks you need to hire a professional dryer vent cleaning service. Dr. Carpet is a proud provider of dryer vent cleaning in Orange County, we have over a decade of experience. Please allow us to help you.

On the other hand, dryer vent cleaning is also necessary because we want our clothes to dry quickly and properly. Clogging also affects the working of the dryer as well. This happens as the clogging does not allow the heat to exit, therefore, limiting the functionality of the dryer. You will notice that it takes your dryer 2-3 time more work in order to dry the clothes. Sometimes, even with extra time, the clothes do not dry completely. So what most of you do, you simply give your clothes another go inside dryer. This makes dryer vent systems work twice than before.

In addition to extra workload, the temperature of the system rises and leads towards rise of room temperature or system failures. Apart from all this, you still do not get the results you want from drying. So to keep your dryer work properly, you need to hire a dryer vent cleaning service when it seems to be the time.

Best quality dryer vent cleaning service.

We are chosen top rated carpet cleaning service in Orange County. Thanks to our dedicated technicians, we have more positive peer reviews for our carpet cleaning services. Our techs provide complete clogging removal and reliable cleaning services. We have the exprience to know how to appraoch each incident and completely clear the path for a long time solution. In addition, We guarantee our work and if we missed something in our first visit, we will be back to resolve it asap.

We use best available dryer vent cleaning system along with best quality cleaning materials to get the best quality results. The equipment we use is specially designed for the dryer vent structure and system. It approaches the walls of the dryer vents deep inside and remove any type of dust or clogging from your vents. Further, the cleaning products we use are health friendly. They leave no residue behind after cleaning. In the case of ordinary dryer vent cleaning products, they leave chemical residues behind which further contact with clothes while drying. This makes clothes harmful to use because of the health risk they create.

People can get allergies or different skin diseases due to these harmful chemical. That is why the products we use in dryer vent cleanings are health friendly and they wash away all along the cleaning process.

We value the trust which our customers in Lake Forest give us and to honor that we work with complete honesty and dedication. Moreover, we do not compromise on our standards and quality. We offer valuable carpet cleaning specials for our regular customers and new ones as well. So that it will help you get your maintenance done on regular basis.

For further information about our dryer vent cleaning service in Lake Forest, please contact us.