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irvine carpet cleaning Irvine Carpet Cleaning Services Provided To You By Dr. Carpet.

We are one of the oldest carpet cleaning companies in Orange County. We have served customers in Orange county since 2007. In addition, Irvine was one of the first centers for high demand for our carpet cleaning services. Therefore, we had established Dr. Carpet Irvine to take care of your same day Irvine carpet cleaning needs. For many years we are running around Irvine saving many of your carpets. We always strive to improve our service and professional knowledge.

Around Irvine, most of the homes and commercial buildings have access to our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Ultimately we try to use it every time as it provides much deeper cleaning. However, Irvine also has many complexes and new commercial districts with buildings that have no access for a truck mounted machine. Therefore, we use top of the line portable equipment in order to not give in on the quality.

Also, Irvine carpet cleaning is a major service on demand, however, we offer many more services that are requested on a daily basis.

and many more that you can contact and ask us directly.

Irvine Carpet Cleaning in Detail.

Due to the mixture of population in Irvine we would like to discuss a few variation of Irvine carpet cleaning needs by our customers. First, the most common Irvine carpet cleaning request is for a regular home maintenance.

Irvine carpet cleaning for families.

Irvine is known for its top of the line school system. Therefore, many families are attracted to the beautiful city with high education level. So, many of you have kids going to school, playing sports and potentially bring friends over back to your home. That means higher foot traffic on your carpet, maybe some mud and dirt from the outside etc. Nevertheless, a big threat that we have noticed over the years to your home cleaning is the living room couches. Our children and their friend love to play video games and watch movies. Therefore, you will notice that your couches get dirty and sticky much faster than the average. Our upholstery cleaning service in Irvine will help you solve this issue.

Irvine Carpet Cleaning for UCI students, faculty and staff.

A large percentage of our Irvine carpet cleaning customers are related in some way to UCI. Some of you are undergrad students, some in their masters, and some work for the university. Therefore, with thousands of apartments and homes being cleaned every month for new and old tenants, Irvine carpet cleaning for university needs is at high demand. For that we are offering our local Dr. Carpet UCI team to help you with your same day Irvine carpet cleaning needs.

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